Last night and today we celebrated the first Shabbat with the campers here.  The evening started off with each area meeting at their designated spots and walking to flag together.  After a great dinner and rousing song session, we headed to the chapel for services.  It’s always such a special moment when we first gather and the sun begins to set.  After services, everyone headed up to the dining hall for Oneg and then headed to their cabin to call it a night.


This morning was a late wake-up followed by a buffet breakfast (YUM).  After breakfast , campers and staff headed to their respected activities which included, Services, Tikkunamatata , and the a Bald Pate hike.  During Tikkunamatata (which focuses on Social Action), campers were assigned to various groups such as Current events in Israel, Animals, and Jewish Identity among many others.  Below is a song that one of the groups from Jewish Identity wrote:


One day a couple of Jews wanted to make a song and….

They did.


Introducing the one, the only, the neighborhood Jews.


Shabbat is here!

I’m Jewish!

I’m Jewish and I know it and I’m not afraid to show it

The Jews always think outside the box

We go to synagogue

Where we pray to God

And wear Kippah


We’re Jewish

We eat a lot of challah

And we do Havdallah

We light those candles with sway

We’re Jewish


Bagels, lox and creamcheese

That’s our favorite food we eat it

Every Saturday and capers come on too


We’re Jewish



Here is a piece from our Natural Art program:


Dear Shari and Camp Micah,

Today we learned:

Not to pollute

How to make things out of nature

Its hard to make things without staples, glue and tape

To conserve our natural resources

Some places don’t have the same utilities we do

Love, All natural art


After lunch and rest hour the campers participated in an all-camp capture the flag followed by some free choice by Unit activities.


Dinner tonight was a cookout and now everyone has gathered for the first campfire of the summer.  It is so hard to believe that the first week is in the books.  Bring on week 2!

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