Special Events

No two days are the same during a summer at Micah. In addition to our daily activity schedule, special events occur throughout each session. Our 4th of July carnival, Mark’s birthday, theme dinners, Color War, and more keep us all on our toes. There are surprises around every corner!

Color War

Color War is a a multi-day competition. The entire camp is split into two teams, Blue and Gold. Once campers are assigned to a team, they remain on that team for the rest of their life (as are any relatives who ever attend Micah). Micah’s Color War lasts for about 1.5 days during first session and 3 days during second session. Campers look forward to the start of Color War every summer as no one knows exactly when it’s going to break! During Color War, children compete in all realms of camp life including athletics, the arts, aquatics, and all-camp activities. The points earned by each team during first session carry over to second session when a final winner is announced.