Bunk Life

The Micah experience starts and ends with what happens in the bunk. Feeling connected to your counselors and your bunk mates is an essential part of being at Micah. Micah staff are trained to look at the whole child’s experience at camp and assist, when needed, to help each child have the best experience they can and build skills that will make them more resilient as they grow.

What I like most about camp is that it’s like a big family that welcomes me in. Counselors and campers make it a great place to be!Chase, 8th grade


  • Campers typically live in a bunk with 8-9 campers and 2-3 counselors
  • Bunks are equipped with 2 hot-water showers, 2 sinks, and 2 toilets
  • The most comfortable camp beds you’ll ever sleep in!