(Grades 9 & 10)

Summits, rising 9th and 10th graders, are the leaders of the camp community, as they have been at camp for many years and carry with them the mission and philosophy that we live by at Micah. Throughout the summer, they are given many opportunities to lead the camp whether it be at special camp events, Color War, All-Area Meetings, the Micah Mitzvah Makers (10th grade social action team), and always by example.

Instructional Swim and waterfront are optional for this age group, although most Summits choose to have waterfront on their schedule more than the younger campers are able to. The “Micah Edge” program is for Summits who are interested in specializing and focusing on an activity to increase skill level over the summer. Summits are not required to “edge” in any activity, but have the option to select up to 2.

Once each summer, all 9th grade campers participate in an overnight co-ed white water rafting trip. All 10th grade campers go on a co-ed 3-day trip to Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park. Any full season Summit that is 15 years old is eligible to take part in a lifeguard certification course throughout the summer. Our rising 10th graders each live in their own larger cabin in the Boys’ or Girls’ Area. These bunks house up to 30 campers and 8 staff with a lounge, large bathrooms, and porch.

If you have a younger camper at Micah, you will definitely hear from them about B15 and G14 and all that they add to camp. Your camper won’t be able to wait until they take over the leadership of the Micah community.

Summit Evening Schedule

Time Activity
7:45pm Evening activity
8:45pm Evening snack/free time
9:45pm Curfew
10:15pm Lights out