(Grades 7 & 8)

Timbers, rising 7th and 8th graders, are required to participate in Instructional Swim unless they are able to pass out of Red Cross Level 6. We run a Red Cross swim program and all of our lessons take place in our heated pool. They have the option of having Waterfront on their schedule 2x – 4x per week.

Timbers meet with a member of the Programming Team upon their arrival at camp and are able to select the rest of their activity choices. When campers become Timbers, additional activities, like metalsmithing, Fiber Arts, and fitness (grade 8), become available.

In all age groups at Camp Micah, we emphasize respect of all people at camp. In the Timber unit, our counselors are specifically trained to understand social interactions and gender differences. They help the campers through this sometimes difficult time in their development.

Once each summer, all 8th grade campers participate in an overnight canoe trip on the Saco River.

Timber Evening Schedule

Time Activity
7:45pm Evening activity
8:45pm Evening snack/free time
9:15pm Curfew
9:45pm Lights out