The Summer Job

Camp Micah staff receive a detailed job description in the staff handbook once hired. The primary responsibility of all staff members is to ensure that campers are safe and happy. Counselors are expected to put our campers needs ahead of their own. Camp Micah counselors are hired for their abilities to be effective with children and their expertise in a particular program area. With the guidance of the administrative staff, each counselor is expected to implement a quality program.

At Camp Micah, staff members’ responsibilities can be divided into two main jobs – bunk responsibilities and activity responsibilities. In the bunk, staff are responsible for creating a cohesive camper group, supervising campers’ health needs and eating habits, and knowing the whereabouts of your campers. Activity responsibilities include assisting in teaching or leading the activity you are hired for and care of and proper storage of activity equipment.

Some things you should not expect is to have a lot of privacy, to work from 9-5, to be on vacation, to be bored, to have your personal needs met at all times, to regret your choice to come to Micah.

You should, however, expect to have a lot of fun and make some of the best friends you’ll ever find, to be exhausted, to laugh a lot, to work hard, to cry when its time to say goodbye, to have little free time to yourself, to never forget your camp experience, and to want to come back to Bridgton, Maine year after year.