Shabbat Shalom, Camp Micah!

It has been quite the week here in the holy land. We started this week off in the northern city of Metula and treated ourselves to some time at the Canada Center where we bowled, attempted to ice skate, and jumped in the trampoline park. We then had a delicious and nutritious traditional Israeli lunch of Pizza Hut and then headed off to a campsite in Hurshat Tal National Park where we took part in a belly flop competition and then finished the day by having our own mini campfire. Monday morning started bright and way too early with a hike after a night of trying to sleep under beaming fluorescent park lights that never turned off. We cooled off from the hike with a swim in the Kinneret and then headed to Galita Chocolate Workshop, where we, you guessed it, made our own chocolate. On Tuesday, we visited Kibbutz Sde where we learned about their innovative agriculture techniques and pet donkeys and BEES?! Yes, you heard that right, we pet bees. We finished the day with a water hike which had water slides and got a much needed night’s sleep in our kibbutz where we could actually turn off the lights. Wednesday brought a waterfront-like obstacle course and lots of rest before heading to a light show that night. On Thursday, we headed to Jerusalem where we volunteered at Hadassah Hospital by serving coffee to the patients and then ate dinner at Shalva, an organization that provides support to special needs children and their families. Finally, today, we went to the Herzl Museum and learned about the founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl. We then went to the extremely busy and bustling Machane Yehuda market for some shopping. This afternoon, we heard from our favorite speaker, Neil Lazarus, and finished up the day welcoming Shabbat at the Western Wall and exchanging gifts we got for each other for our “Mystery Moses.”

Peace, Love, and Pepto Bismol,
Kendall H. and Leah B.

PS. We can’t wait to see you on Thursday!

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