Good Shabbas Camp Micah!

It’s a beautiful day in downtown Jerusalem. This will be our last Shabbat letter to you guys, so we want to make it great. We are having the most amazing time, and we cannot believe this experience is starting to wind down.

This past week has been split between our two favorite cities, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. We spent many long, hot days on the beach in Tel Aviv, and we all have the jellyfish stings to prove it. Late night runs to the AM PM market and Gordon Ramsay burgers delivered from Israel’s doordash company, Wolt, have saved our lives almost as much as the resident doctor’s daily sick visits. The kids that haven’t been infected by the Micah in Israel plague spent time out and about in the city. We had awesome time hanging out with the kids at Save A Child’s Heart, and it prepared us perfectly for our SACH fundraising bike ride. The bikeshirts we wore were super cool, just ask Will R-C and Jake L.

We also had a fun and sweaty experience learning cultural Israeli dances, and it reminded us of the timber/summit dances. Mid-week, we went to another salt mine, made our own chocolate, and had a cool tour of a sustainable mall. There we saw bees and bats. #beesarentreal #marksbatcave.

Finishing up our week on a more somber note, we revisited our Poland experience by spending time at Yad Vashem and speaking with a Holocaust survivor. To lift our spirits for Ezra W’s birthday, we had a surprise activity on Thursday night. COLOR WAR! Just kidding. After a month of waiting, we FINALLY got to see the much anticipated new Minions movie. It definitely lived up to our expectations. 10/10.

We love and miss each one of you and wish we could come back to camp to visit. G14 and B15 are just going to have to hold down the fort for us.

Much love from the holy land,

Eva S.
Georgia W.
Rebecca S.
Lilly K.
Samantha B.

and the rest of MII ‘22


ps. hi to Bram, Jack, Dylan, Arielle R and Eli- we love you all!

pps. go blue and gold. color war is breaking in 20 minutes

ppps. are we maroon now? go maroon.

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