Shabbat Shalom Camp Micah! We are writing you from Tel Aviv. Last week was a week full of adventure, starting with experiencing an Orthodox shabbat filled with modest clothing, dancing underground, no phones, and some of us won’t forget about a broken elevator. Then, we visited the Jordan River Village. It was very rewarding to see where all of our volunteer work will be going.

Next we were able to hear an inspirational story from a hero that served in the Yom Kippur war. Later that day, we went on an adventurous water hike where Chloe M. led the group in her water socks from a nearby gift shop, andsaw Alan B. blend into his natural habitat as he was one with the water and sea creatures. At Mount Hermon, the only ski mountain and one of the highest points in Israel that we have visited, we took a cable car to the top, carrying warm clothing as we were instructed. Turns out, it’s not cold and there’s no snow in the summer in Israel, even on a mountain. We had our own little campfire where we got to see Alexa O. and Olivia K. perform their new Israeli distrack which was very humbling for some of us. We even went rafting, little did we know we would be paddling up a murky stream with no current- not the same as the Moxie trip. We took a beautiful and very windy boat ride on the Sea of Galilee where we enjoyed a 45 minute photo opp and 15 minute dance party.

A highlight of the week was when we feasted on a delicious grilled meal cooked by Chef Max G. at the kibbutz. In addition, we visited another mall in the Holy Land and finally made our way to Tel Aviv after many earaches fromlistening to our own karaoke. Simone C. led us in “Changes” by XXX where we got into our feels, and Sofia M. and Noah F. brought us together with a little Taylor S. We are looking forward to many visits to the beach and getting our tan on this weekend, even though Keshet would prefer that we wear t-shirts in the water to swim. We hope you all enjoy this most fabulous first shabbat of second session and ShaShaShabbat Shalom Camp Micah. 

Yala balagan,

Simone (Changes) C., Sofia (T-Swizzle) M., and Chloe (Water Socks) M.


PS. Beware touching stray cats, always wear a hat and never wear a tank top, and listen to the elevator capacity guidelines because it does matter

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