After saying farewell to our First Session campers, our Full Season campers enjoyed a carnival with an ice cream truck, the Micah Movieplex, and the Micah Book of Records. Some of our most impressive and unique records included two G14ers who slept in Mark’s office to set the record for “the longest time being in Mark’s office,” one Bridgton Timber who recited the formula for finding the Surface Area of a Cylinder the most number of times (38) in one minute, and a Bridgton Summit who set the record for the most bounces on a tennis racket with 3,362 bounces. It was a successful day of records, and we even beat our own record of the most records set on one Changeover day with 97 new set records!

On Tuesday, about 100 Second Session campers arrived to camp. Our staff and Full Season campers could not be more excited to welcome them to camp and to reunite with familiar faces and meet new first year campers. As we always do on the first day of each session, we enjoyed our pizza dinner and chocolate chip cookies for dessert, followed by an introduction meeting at the chapel filled with songs and cheers and then a candy party with their respective bunks. 

The campers followed a Round Robin schedule with their age groups for the first three days of camp. Last night, we celebrated our first Second Session Shabbat, which ended in one of Rabbi Emily Lipof’s engaging and inspirational stories. 

Today, to provide our kitchen staff with a much-deserved day off, the CIT’s are working hard on kitchen duty – setting up and cleaning up after each meal and even helping to make today’s ravioli for lunch! The campers will participate in Tikkuna Matata, Camp Sibling activities, and Saturday cookout and campfire. 

We wish you all a restful Shabbat!

May you have an exciting week, more campers reach Bald Pate’s Peak, and the color war break be unique!

Until next time…

Hugs and Snugs, 

The CITs




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