It has been an eventful few days here at Camp Micah.  The week started off a little wet but in true Micah fashion, we made the best of it.  After a relatively normal morning of activities yesterday, we cancelled the afternoon to do a lip sync competition.  There were four divisions: Critter/Prowler Boys, Critter/Prowler Girls, Timber/Summit Boys and Timber/Summit Girls.  The goal was for each cabin or groups of cabins to pick one song, choreograph a dance routine, and then perform it for the rest of the Camp in Uncle Milts.  There were some outrageous (in a good way) performances that had the whole camp laughing, applauding, and singing along!  Perhaps, the highlight of the afternoon was the fake color war break during the middle.  Speaking of Color War, it just broke…FAKE!

Today we had several intercamps: A U 15 girls softball at Mataponi and a U 14 girls soccer here vs. Nashoba North.  Both teams had a blast and competed really hard.  I am happy to say that our soccer team did win!

Tomorrow is trip day and you can tell by the excitement at dinner how excited everyone is.  The weather was perfect today and is expected to be great the rest of the week – hopefully for our swim meet on Friday!

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