Today, we hosted two intercamp competitions in soccer and basketball…Micah was victorious in both games! GO TEAM!  More importantly, we showed great communication skills, solid teamwork, and unwavering determination. Those who did not choose to participate in the intercamp games enjoyed another jam packed day of activities. There was sailing on the serene waterfront, practicing layups at the basketball courts, shooting arrows at archery in the hopes of getting a coveted bullseye, and so much more under the bright sunshine.

There has been quite a buzz about arts and crafts this week at camp.  Campers that are part of the Fiber Arts Program have just finished creating batik bandanas (a special dyeing technique using wax).  This same group has begun to do some wool dying for some upcoming projects and are looking forward to visiting a wool farm to further study the sheering process. The best part of their upcoming trip is that they will get to be up close and personal with some adorable alpacas.  Campers taking ceramics and pottery classes are currently creating a “magic village” that will be strategically placed on the path down to the waterfront to generate a bit of whimsy on those scenic walks.

All in all we had a fun-filled, productive day and are looking forward to new learning opportunities and experiences again tomorrow. In the morning, we’ll bid farewell to our Lower Summits as they embark on their annual overnight trip. With the Upper Summits also out of camp on their own adventure, it’s feeling a little quiet around here!

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