The past 20 hours have been filled with lots of excitement here at Micah. Last night, all of B15 & G14 went to Bridgton Sports Camp to cheer on our 15U boys basketball team as they competed in the annual Bridgton Basketball Classic night game. It was a nail-biter but Micah came home with the trophy which will adorn the mantel in our Dining Hall until BSC and Micah meet again.

We hosted two tournaments here at Micah which began this morning and lasted into the afternoon. Our 12U girls soccer team went up against 4 visiting camps in many rounds of 11v11 play. The Micah girls played hard with no subs and dominated the opposition. They didn’t allow a single goal all day! Their screams of victory could be heard throughout the camp as they shook hands with their opponents in the finals, took hold of their trophy, and ran up the road to all jump into the pool with their coaches and refs.

As the Micah girls took their victory run up the road past the hockey court, the Micah 15U boys street hockey team was in the final minutes of the annual 15U Hockey Tournament. Like the night before, Micah was again pitted against Bridgton Sports Camp and again came away with a big win!

All of our players will sleep well tonight after a tough day of competition. We all look forward to placing today’s trophies in the Dining Hall for everyone to see!

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