The past few days at camp have been filled with excitement, competition, a much anticipated rainy day event, and a chance for us all to give back. For this week’s Tikkuna Matata project, every camper learned about Operation Gratitude, an organization that supports US troops, first responders, veterans, military families, and wounded heroes and their care givers. Each camper made a paracord bracelet to donate to this organization. Not only do these bracelets look cool, they can actually be used to save a life in an emergency situation. Parents who are here on Visiting Day will have the chance to visit our paracord bracelet making table with their camper to make their own bracelet to take home and support the cause.

After a restful Shabbat, campers returned to their regular activity schedules on Sunday  – but the anticipation of Color War was in the air! As everyone headed to their first period activities on Monday morning, swarms of CIT superheroes ran out from various hidden locations around camp to gather the Micah campers and get them to the football field to help the CITs save “Batman,” a.k.a., our esteemed director, Mark. As everyone gathered on the football field, a battle ensued and Batman was freed! Color War began and campers split into their teams. Blue and Gold elected their first session Summit captains and the competition began! After tug of war, unit activities, unit challenges (which included Water Balloon Battleship, Escape the Room, Ultimate Charades, and All-Star Basketball), an all-camp Hero Hunt, and the annual first session Scavenger Hunt, the score was tallied. The CITs announced which team is ahead in the point total at the end of first session Color War – GOLD! All the points carry over to second session when Color War breaks again and the competition continues before we declare a 2018 winner.

After Color War wrapped up on Tuesday, the skies opened up and soaked us here in Bridgton. We had to cancel afternoon activities and the campers were thrilled when it was announced that the whole camp will participate in the annual CRIBS competition. Every bunk had to decorate their space to match this year’s theme: books. The judges came around to view all the creations and the winner will be announced at first session banquet! We can’t believe that the end of first session is just days away!

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