This morning we held our annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament with our U 15 girls winning their title.  All of our other teams competed hard with our U 12 girls losing in the finals and our U 15 and U 12 boys losing in the semifinals.  And then it happened… the day campers (and me) wait for all year long…COLOR WAR.

During lunch, one of our CIT’s took a golf cart and wrecked it on the road up to the office.  There were several loud bangs and the cart was on fire.  The CIT then ran into the dining hall to let Mark know there was a problem.  As the entire camp came running out, fire engine sounds played as the rest of the CIT’s stormed out from the Rec room to announce Color War was here.  Please note, that there was actually no wrecked golf cart or CIT driving and the flames were from flame paste (very safe).

The first event of the afternoon was the ever popular, tug of war.  It was a heated battle but both teams did great and seemed to have a lot of fun.  From there, they went to Unit activities followed by a rally for their flag pole cheer.  After dinner, we had an all camp event, The Scavenger Hunt.  The Scavenger hunt is a great event that serves two purposes;  1.) to see which team can find the most items and 2.) to see how much trash we can collect/lost and found items we can gather.

All day, both teams exhibited great sportsmanship and spirit.  We can’t wait to get back at it tomorrow.  Please note that breakfast is at 9am and lunch is at 1pm tomorrow.

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