Well, today was the first day of activities.  After Marks’s  rousing wake-up call of Happy and a delicious breakfast of Challah French Toast, campers went around with their bunks to various activities to experience all that camp has to offer.  Some of the highlights included the waterfront, tennis, soccer, art, play auditions, music, and a wide variety of other offerings.  You could tell everyone was having a blast and really enjoying their first full day at Camp Micah.

In addition to seeing all that camp has to offer campers had the opportunity to come into the office and begin changing their schedules for the summer.  It’s so funny to see them have to decide between two activities they really want to do…it always helps when we point out that they can do the activity at another time.

Tonight is an all area night where our campers find out who, for the boys find out who their big brothers are and the girls find out who their camp families are.  It is always one of the most special night of the year and several months of anticipation.

Another big announcement occurred today when our drama staff announced the first session play.  Wait for it….FROZEN!!!  You should have heard the roar in the dining hall as that one word was leaving their lips.  From what I heard, auditions were packed and we have some really talented campers.

Tomorrow is another day by bunk and hopefully the rain will subside.

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