Good Morning Micah Families! 

Last Saturday, after another fantastic campfire, the CIT’s broke Color War! The break started during the Micah Update, when the hosts announced “Color War!”, and Rocky, played by CIT Skylar T., ran up to the stage accompanied by her trainer, CIT Alex E., to tell all of the campers to head down to the basketball court, where they found a heated boxing match between Blue and Gold Heavyweight Boxers, CITs Ben W. and Aaron S.. After a long fought battle, the two boxers fell to the ground simultaneously, resulting in a draw and forcing the Blue and Gold teams to continue the fight. While we might be biased, we have been told that this was one of the best First Session CIT Color War breaks in years. After the traditional Color War song, Thunderstruck, sounded, the members of each team, decked out in their blue and gold attire, voted for their 1st Session Summit Captains (Blue: Ashley C., Alana S., Jonah W., and Brandon M., and Gold: Shaina H., Caroline B., Jack W., and Matt S.). The Summit Captains and the rest of the Summits did a great job leading their teams during the next days of fierce competition, including the annual Tug-o-war, Summit Basketball, Critter Newcomb, Prowler Baseball, Timber Kickball, Scavenger Hunt, Swim & Track Meets, silent lunch, and spirited cheers. Both teams fought hard, but the Blue Team took the lead and will start with a bit of a head start going into 2nd session. 

After the excitement of Color War, campers settled back into their regular activity schedules. On Wednesday, the campers went on trip day to various locations. The Critters and Prowlers went blueberry picking and then went off to bowling and laser tag. The Timbers went raspberry picking and mini-golfing, and enjoyed some ice cream and pizza along the way. The Summits had a nice and relaxing day at the beach. 

On Friday, we celebrated the end of the 1st Session with the ShaBanquet (Shabbat, followed by the Banquet. We enjoyed a delicious Shabbas meal of Teriyaki Chicken and Spring Rolls, followed by Cannoli’s for dessert. We then went to the Chapel for a Shabbat service, which led into the 1st Session All-Around Camper and Kavod awards for Bridgton and Sebago campers in each unit. Finally, the campers enjoyed a slideshow, reminiscing about their fun times together during the first month at camp. 

Meanwhile, the cast members of our 1st Session play worked hard all session to prepare for their big production, The Lion King. The show went off without a hitch! The actors and actresses worked so hard and did an amazing job with memorizing their lines and singing their hearts out, and the stage crew and artists created a beautiful set as a backdrop to showcase Micah’s future Oscar Award winners. 

This morning, we sadly said goodbye to our 1st Session campers, who are now on the bus home to reunite with their families. We will miss them dearly, but are excited to stay connected with them over the year and to welcome our 2nd Session campers to camp on Tuesday! 

We want to thank our 1st session campers for a great first half of the summer and we look forward to welcoming them back to camp next year! 

Until next time, we hope our 1st Session Campers had fun, we will miss them a whole ton, and maybe the Maroon team will have won! 

Hugs and Snugs, 

The CITs

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