After arriving at 2:40 A.M. in Tel Aviv, we took a bus to Jerusalem where some of us even stayed up to see the sun rise. We had a great first day in Jerusalemhaving our first shawarma and a relaxing time in the sun before Shabbat. We went into the old city for Shabbat where we had our own little Micah in Israel Shabbat service. We really enjoyed the service as a small group where everyone participated bringing the Camp Micah style of Shabbat to the streets of Jerusalem. We continued on going to the Western Wall which was a very powerful experience. It was a perfect culmination after our trip inPolandas a symbol of hope and perseverance for us as Jews. Being at the Wall helped us appreciate being inIsraeland set the tone for the rest of our trip. After visiting the Wall, we had an incredible Shabbat dinner which not even the great kitchen of Camp Micah could live up to. To end the night, one of our trip leaders from Israel, Tziporah, introduced us to some fun new games as we got to know her and our other amazing Israeli trip leader, Netanel. After being in Israel for less than twenty-four hours, we could not be more excited for our upcoming adventure!

– Hayley Cooper and Izzy Shnayderman

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