Well, today was supposed to be the first full day of activities but Mother Nature put a kink in that plan.  Instead, we had a late wake-up due to the torrential rain that was pounding camp.  After a breakfast of French toast and fresh blueberries (and some rumored lox) we decided to do a bunk morning of special activities that included: A dance party, games in the dining hall, fitness, mini dodge ball, and some bunk time for the older campers.

With the rain still present in the afternoon we brought back an old Micah favorite….Micah Cribs!  Micah Cribs is when cabins decorate their bunk based on a given theme.  This years theme was Movies.  Some of the stand outs included, Annie, Inception, Finding Nemo, and Indiana Jones.  One of my favorites was G-14’s re-enactment of Shutter Island.  In the blink of an eye G-14 was transformed into an Insane Asylum that may give me nightmares tonight.  There is also a group of them standing with me as I write the daily blog and they just cheered.  They also say hi to their parents. Don’t worry; we did not let them watch that movie here.

Tonight was an all-area night where both sides got to meet their camp families.  The ladies played a rousing game of bring me while the guys played some ultimate Frisbee in outrageous outfits.  After looking at the weather for tomorrow it looks like we will be able to start running activities as scheduled.

Until tomorrow this is Steve and G-14 wishing you a pleasant night!

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