Today we dove right into our second day of color war with gusto! Campers entered the dining hall to find it had been decorated overnight in a sea of blue and gold.  Throughout the day, campers participated in a wide array of mental and physical challenges.  Critters enjoyed a game entitled “Capture the Walad,” which was a fun take on capture the flag replacing flags with cups of freshly cut watermelon…YUM!  Prowlers worked on their communication skills by trying to solve riddles in order to figure out the secret code allowing them to unlock themselves from the tennis court.  Timbers enjoyed an intense game of ultimate charades while the Summits competed in an epic soccer battle.  Lunchtime erupted with team cheers and color war continued with an afternoon filled with more athletic competitions and the much anticipated annual Scavenger Hunt.  After a final tally, GOLD is in the lead, but both teams showed great sportsmanship, teamwork, and communication skills throughout our first session color war.  A big congratulations to our fantastic Summit captains and co-captains. They led their teams beautifully! We were so proud of our Micah community. All of the points earned during our first session Color War roll over into second session where we’ll pick up right where we left off. Now we are off to catch up on some much needed rest.  Zzzzzzzzz



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