After an epic rock concert in honor of Mark’s birthday last evening, campers were excited to wake up this morning to warm and sunny skies and resume their daily activities.   All around camp you could witness campers taking full advantage of everything our amazing facility has to offer! Campers participating in the play were hard at work perfecting their lines, singing melodies, and creating the scenery for The Little Mermaid in Uncle Milt’s Performing Arts Center.  Those who have basketball on their schedules were busy practicing new drills and playing in a few pickup games to put these new skills to the test.  Dancers worked on a top secret choreographed routine which will be divulged in the next week.  Archers were excited to find out that today they had giant blown up balloons on their targets as a fun new challenge to practice aim.  Our studio artists completed an amazing 3D animal sculpture project that will be on exhibit at the 302 Gallery on Visiting Day.  All in all, it was a busy day filled with lots of learning opportunities and a healthy dose of good old fashioned fun!

This afternoon we welcomed Camp Wildwood to play in a 10U Flag Football inter-camp. Although we were not victorious, Micah campers showed great effort and, most importantly, excellent sportsmanship.

After dinner, a rousing round of applause and cheering could be heard for miles following the announcement of tomorrow’s trip day locations by each Unit Leader.  Everyone then headed off to their evening activities eagerly anticipating the fun that will be had tomorrow on these exciting trips.

Only 5 more sleeps until Visiting Day!  Sweet dreams from Bridgton and Sebago!


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