Today, Mark woke up the entire camp by blasting a patriotic song through the bunk speakers in order to set the mood for today’s festivities.  Campers then headed to flag decked in their Fourth of July finest ready to celebrate America’s birthday. The excitement in the air was palpable! 

In addition to enjoying lots of fun in the sun at our regularly scheduled activities, Micah also achieved their first intercamp home victory of the summer.  Our 11U boys beat Bridgton Sports Camp in a heated game of flag football with a 36-26 win.  Not to be outdone, our 13U boys won their basketball intercamp against Wigwam with a final score of 40-34.  GO MICAH!    

We continued to celebrate America’s birthday with our annual 4th of July Hoe-Down themed dinner. Mark met us at flag lowering fully decked in a cowboy suit as campers gathered together on the front lawn.  Looking through the sea of red, white, and blue you could spot several western themed costumes and one camper arriving to flag in style…on a horse!  Everyone feasted on a deliciously MESSY meal of ribs, fried chicken, cornbread, and broccoli.  An impromptu line dance broke out right before our red, white, and blue dessert was placed at the tables.  It was a festive and fun night filled with lots of laughs and smiles. 

Evening activities included scavenger hunts, Spikeball competitions, and a Timber pageant where campers dressed their counselors in 4th of July themed ball gowns.  Throughout this pageant, counselors shared choreographed dances created by their bunks and wowed us with a wide array of talents.  One bunk’s talent was re-imagining this famous poem….can you guess where it is from?

“Give me your blue, your gold, your maroon…yearning for canteen…the wretched refuse of your dining hall…send these, the Critters, Prowlers, Summits, and Mostly Timbers…I lift my lamp beside the Micah Door!

It was a wonderful day that will continue into tomorrow as we gear up for our BIG 4th of July carnival that we will celebrate on the 5th

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