We got on the bus, headed first to the Ghetto fighters Kibbutz, and then to the children’s holocaust museum. This day reconnected us with what we learned during our time inPoland. By visiting these places, we were able to understand how Jews transitioned back into society in Israel after their struggles in the holocaust. We ate in a Druze village for lunch, learned about the Druze culture, which is a fascinating secret religion.  Berg also decided to embrace his fashionable side, so he bought some cheetah print leggings that he wore and walked around in for the rest of the day.

We then moved to Tsfat for Shabbat.  We spent the day shopping, and the girls got to learn about the Mikvahs while the boys actually got to experience the Mikvah ritual itself.  We all found the experience extremely interesting and had a lot of fun.  To finish off the week, we had a great orthodox-style Shabbat on a rooftop in Tsfat.  We did lots of dancing, singing, and praying.

Although this past week, the country has been facing a time of difficulty, we have still managed to have fun, enjoy the trip, and find infinite love for Israel. By being here at this time, we have learned a lot more about the conflicts Israel faces and how the country must deal with these situations on a daily basis. We are all safe and happy, and just praying that we can spend all of our time left here in Israel.


Katie Rich and Dani Lerner

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