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We’ve had an eventful few days since our last update. The campers concluded their army day experience early on Thursday morning. We met them as they were finishing up the famous “stretcher march”, a long hike where they have to switch off carrying a heavy stretcher designed to feel like a wounded soldier. The commanders were thrilled with the level of discipline, support, and teamwork showed by both groups. We felt like proud parents watching our campers “graduate” army day during the closing ceremony. The rest of the day was filled with much needed rest (and pool time!)

On Friday we visited one of the most scenic areas of the trip, the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa. We learned about the rich religious history of the site and enjoyed the views. We then had a special lunch visit from a local member of the Druze community. He shared with us the history of his religion and gave us insight on how it is relevant today. After our visit in Haifa, we said a temporary goodbye to eight members of our group as they set off to spend the weekend with family and friends. As for the rest of the group, they also got to spend time with local Israelis. In small groups they had the chance to have meals at the family homes of people living in the area of Zichron. Everyone got to enjoy a home cooked meal, and the opportunity to experience family life in Israel.

The eight members that left were welcomed with open arms on Sunday morning! We headed North to the beach where we would stay for the night. The Mediterranean was just as wonderful as we left it a few short weeks before. The beach campground was a perfect spot to have our very own “campfire” complete with skits and songs by the group. The group arose early this morning ready to explore the nearby historic caves of Rosh Hanikra. After a majestic tour through the caves, we headed south. Our first stop was at Leket, a volunteer organization designed to provide food for those who can’t afford it. The group spent a good portion of the afternoon pealing cabbages. At the end of the day we learned that we provided food for approximately 2,000 families! From there we headed to our final destination, Jerusalem. It feels great to be back where it all began, and we’re excited for what the next week has in store.


Army day has come and gone

The stretcher march began at dawn

We rested and swam, then headed to the port

The visit to Haifa was fun, yet short

We met some people, they were called Druze

Then came Shabbat, for all of us Jews

Some people left and some people stayed

But everyone had good memories made

We went to the beach and slept under the stars

The caves had a lot of water, unlike Mars

We peeled so many cabbages, it was insane!

We’re back in Jerusalem, but soon to be Maine



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