Hey Everyone! Sarah and Mike here live from the dining hall! We’re so thrilled for Micah In Israel to start in a few short days. For the past few days we’ve been at camp preparing for the trip. Although we’ll be sad to leave Bridgton and Sebago, we are getting increasingly excited to begin this once in a lifetime experience. As we go through planning logistics and training, we are getting an in depth look at how outstanding of a trip we have the opportunity to take part in. Throughout the summer we will continue to write blog posts and updates, so stay tuned!

Now, a short poem:

In just a few days we’ll get on a plane

No longer will we be in Maine

From Boston to London we’ll take a flight

Then to Poland, it’ll be a long night

For a few days, we’ll learn about history

Our best moments of the trip are still a mystery

We’re so excited, we just can’t wait

We’ll see you Sunday, don’t be late!

(Poem to be continued)



Mike Safran and Sarah Gallimore

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