Hello Camp Micah family and friends!


I write this message from our wonderful community based home on Kibbutz Ketura right outside of the negev desert, we have a lot to catch you guys up on!

Back in Jerusalem, We started our week with a unforgettable military history course, starting with the Machon Ayolon bullet factory, an underground factory used to craft and distribute various weapons for Israel and the Israeli army.

Later on we saw how the tanks used in the army were created, seeing the inner mechanisms of the vehicle from the inside! A photo shoot with the tanks then proceeded to endure!


After our time in Jerusalem came to a close, it was time to travel down south for our Negev adventure! We all made sure to turn off our phones and watches to emphasize the spiritually of the trip. We strapped on our hiking boots and voyaged into the new, dry terrain. New friendships, bonds and conversations were created that brought us even closer together as a group! It didn’t seem possible but were closer than we’ve ever, been before! Campers and staff leaned on each other when the going got tough and we were rewarded with amazing views, food, and unforgettable stars.


Once our magical mini trip in the desert was over, we took some much needed showers and got a good night of sleep, the next day we ventured off to the Ramon crater channeled our inner ropes course abilities, and repelled off of the cliff. After some lunch in the community center, we went to the Ilan Ramon Museum and Memorial in Mitzpe Ramon and learned about the fist Israeli astronaut.

Once we finished our journey in and around the desert, we began our stay at a local kibbutz in Eilat. The community based living was a topic for discussion for all the campers and staff. The people here have less of a need to make daily trips to the grocery store, school, or shopping, and have less fear of food or water shortages and less risk of financial insecurity. Resources are spread among multiple economic factors, and it was a unique learning experience for all of us. Since Eilat was so close to the Red Sea, we had the privilege to go down there and snorkel! The ocean had the most beautiful shade and seeing fish swim around in their natural habitat was definitely a highlight of the trip so far.


Lastly, our shabbat was another highlight of our trip. We got a true kibbutz experience with a lovely service led by members of the community, after, we shared dinner with another American trip and went back and forth we our different cheers from our home place. Safe to say Micah showed why were the most spirited camp around! We are on our way back to Jerusalem and we hope you enjoy the pictures we will be uploading soon! Thanks for reading! Yalla!






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