Micah in Israel 2014 has continued its trip up in northern Israel. Not only has the North been a place of a safety for the group, but it has also provided us with the most fun and exciting aspects of our trip so far! The thrill for this week kicked off during our festive Havdalah service which was filled with music and dancing and Drew Ginsburg impressing members of the Israeli Navy with his back flips.

Earlier this week, we participated in our own Alyn Hospital Charity Bike Ride, decked out in some fancy cycling shirts. The ride was a blast with beautiful views and chances to stop to eat fresh tomatoes as well as swim in the Jordan River. The event was a great success as the group raised over $2,000 and with the donation window open for the next year, we hope to see that number increase even more to help the kids of Alyn Hospital.

The fun continued in the form food as we went to a chocolate factory making our own delicious treats, leaving the factory with more chocolate that we could ever eat (mostly because we had to eat it before it melted in the heat). The next morning, we continued satisfying our taste buds in a healthier way when we went berry picking! Berry picking was a huge hit with everyone eating blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and mulberries until we couldn’t any more. Our bellies were pleased and our hands were stained with the dark juices of the fresh berries.

Other highlights of the week so far have consisted of some fantastic hikes in the Golan Heights and a relaxing morning at a spa. The excitement continues tomorrow with the much anticipated, ARMY DAY! Details about tomorrow will definitely be expressed in the next post!

Until next time,

Seidy and the rest of MII ‘14

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