Hope you all had a good sabbath! On Friday night, it was our first Shabbat in Israel. we spent the beginning of the evening at the western wall, having our own Micah service. while we missed Shari and her services, it was very exciting to experience something new. on Saturday, we played a series of group games, having fun and getting to know one another better. for the remainder of the day, we hung out at the pool and then had havdallah services. After services, we went to Ben yehudah and got a feel for Israeli night life! on Sunday, we got to explore the old city of David and got to trek through Hezekiah's tunnels, which were 3000 year old tunnels filled with spring water. We spent the night at the Kotel and got to write notes to put in the wall. So far the trip has been great, and were all so happy to have this experience together. we look forward to exploring the old city more and floating in the Dead Sea on Tuesday! hope everyone is enjoying camp!! 
Emily and Liz
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