We had a busy weekend at Camp Micah! On Friday, we hosted our annual 3v3 Basketball tournament. For everyone who doesn’t know about the 3v3 tournament, we play four games at the same time on our two basketball courts (one half court per game), the games only go up to 11 points, and we have 4 different divisions. Our 12U girls, 12U boys, 15U girls, and 15U boys play games against other camps’ teams of the same division. We fought hard in all divisions, but we succeeded in one division over all others. Our 15U girls, led by Courtney, Heather, Skylar, and Kendall, pulled through with an impressive victory over the other four camps in their division. They even won a few of the games 11-0! As always, we were very proud of our Micah girls on Friday!

After our big win on Friday afternoon, we all settled in for Shabbat. Our chef prepared a delicious brisket dinner, and the rabbi told another poignant story to emphasize the importance of courage, both at camp and outside of camp. The “slogan” of the story was “it’s not a wall, it’s just a hurdle.” Of course, everyone got a small ladder toy to remind them that anything is possible with hard work, persistence, and resilience.

In honor of Mark’s (belated) birthday, we participated in a day of mitzvot. Campers participated in several special projects all around camp. Some of the projects included: making blankets for Project Linus, making dog biscuits and toys for a local animal shelter, baking cookies for a homeless shelter, and making puzzles and cards for ill children in a local hospital. This day has become an annual tradition as camp’s birthday present to Mark and to the greater Bridgton area.

Last but not least, today (Sunday) we sent our Upper Summits to a nearby camp called Seeds of Peace. Seeds of Peace is a camp that develops international leaders who come from areas of conflict. The camp fosters cultural discussion and has children of similar lines of conflict (for example, Israelis and Arabs) live together, work together, and discuss key issues. Our Micah campers got to socialize with them, and play both soccer and basketball on their Sports Day. They each came away with some new songs and cheers, a brand new Seeds of Peace t-shirt, and a once in a lifetime experience.

As everyone returned from their time away from camp, we gathered together in the Dining Hall for a delicious lasagna dinner. As a surprise for a B15 camper who reached an amazing milestone of hiking 400 miles over his career at camp, Ken Wadness (Hiking Team Leader) presented Jeremy with a watch and a giant mountain shaped cake. The Dining Hall erupted in cheers of “400 miles” and “we love Jeremy.”



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