On Friday, campers awoke to beautiful temperatures and sunny skies.  After enjoying a hearty breakfast of fresh fruit and eggs, our Fiber Arts campers set off to an alpaca farm to spend a wonderful morning discovering where the art materials they have been using this summer actually come from!  We also sent some of our 13U athletes to a baseball intercamp against Kingswood where they were victorious with a 17-4 win.  Several other campers chose to take advantage of a hike heading out to Blueberry Mountain on this glorious day.  During this hiking adventure, campers cooled off by jumping into Rattlesnake Pool for a little fun in the sun before making their way back to Micah.

Campers who stayed back at Micah enjoyed their regular activities and challenged themselves to complete personal goals before leaving camp in just a few days.  Several campers worked hard to receive their waterfront bracelets which are earned by trying a wide variety of activities down at the waterfront including sailing, waterskiing, canoeing, and paddle boarding, just to name a few!  Other campers were busy practicing swimming skills during instructional swim in the hopes of moving up to the next swim level during their upcoming swim tests.  As Friday’s activities came to a close, our entire Micah community joined together to enjoy a delicious Shabbat meal and spent some time looking back and reflecting on the amazing summer we have been enjoying over the past 7 weeks.

Saturday morning brought with it our weekly Shabbat buffet breakfast and some extra sleep for our older campers. We also bid farewell to our Micah in Israel campers as they headed back to MA to reunite with their parents. The morning consisted of Open Choice, an optional hike up Baldpate, and Tikkuna Matata activities. Our Summit Girls go tto participate in a special activity this week. Thanks to a grant from Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) and The Miriam Fund, our rising 9th and 10th graders experienced a self-defense Krav Maga training session.

After Rest Hour, camp “families” got to spend their weekly time together with fun activities planned by the Head Counselors. This afternoon was our annual Arts Day, complete with jewelry making, caricature drawing, bookmark and pet rock making, drama games, music performances, and, to cap it all off, the second session Dance Show!

Campers are now heading up to our campfire site to enjoy the final campfire of the summer and to say goodbye to Shabbat with our last Havdalah ceremony. It feels like we were just getting the summer started with our first campfire of the season and, in the blink of an eye, we’ll be singing the Camp Micah Alma Mater for one of the last times tonight.

Shabbat Shalom and Sweet Dreams!


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