July 10, 2021
Shabbat Shalom Camp Micah!

We’re writing to you from Kibbutz Yahel in the southeast of Israel.

This past week we discovered many different areas of the old city in Jerusalem. Highlights included visiting the Western Wall for the first time, and putting our own notes  in the wall.

We were both underground explorers in the water tunnels in the City of David, and good Samaritans helping out packaging food for the needy and giving cookies and balloons to kids in the Hadassah Hospital.

In addition to strengthening Jewish values, we also learned about Christianity and Islam, visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and a local mosque. We realized that we have more commonalities than differences across the three Abrahamic religions.

On our way to the Negev we stopped at an Ethiopian Jewish village, where they served us great coffee and very special bread.

For three days we renounced technology as we entered the Negev desert and hiked many miles. We got up with the sunrise each morning, meditated on mountains, and stargazed at night.

A Sammy K. update: He drew abstract portraits of everyone, riffed some serious rap battles, and serenaded Mark with a love song at campfire, all while our security guard Matan played guitar for everyone.

While at our kibbutz in Jerusalem, we saw a man that could only be God, as he appeared randomly to sing to us about tofu, and not always getting what you want, only to disappear right after.

May you ALWAYS wear your hat, drink three liters of water every day, and that JUICEWRLD is dead.

Really, really, REALLY wish we could come visit you at Camp this summer 🙂

Love, your MII people,

Katie, Marah, Noa H, Zach, Abbie, Zoe, Moriah

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