Shabbat Shalom Camp Micah!

Bus A here! We’ve finally escaped quarantine, through the door and not the window this time!

After many hours of flying, jet lag, and covid tests we have finally made it to the promised land (aka Jerusalem).

This morning we headed out for our first day in Jerusalem, where we learned some history of Israel, and tried lots of food in the Mechane Yehuda Market. It was more walking than we’re used to, but we witnessed views of the city that were unforgettable.

By the way, does anyone want to do Courtney’s ab circuit?

In the spirit of Rabbi Lipof’s Shabbat stories, Sammy Katz told us his own, cracked a few jokes along the way, but had a wonderful moral.

Reminder! Drink water!

We ended the night with our first Shabbat, with dancing and music and reflecting on gratitudes in our first few days here.

H-A- double P- Y It’s Jack G’s birthday and we definitely did not forget it!


Jess, Jack, Noa H, Leah, Zoe, Maddie W, and Zach

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