Shalom Micah!

Greetings from your friends in Israel! Our trip started off with a layover in London where we took a tour of Windsor castle and watched the changing of the guards. We even met Harry and Meghan! This just in – it was just Josh and Jonah in masks. We left London but Dougie and Morgan’s luggage did not. In Poland we toured the pre-war Jewish ghettos and later visited Auschwitz-Birkenau which was an indescribable experience that ultimately brought us closer as a group. After a very emotional day, we all decided to lighten the mood and assign a spirit animal to each person. At the salt mines, Liv and Gefen decided to lick every wall and even a salt statue that we later found out was worth a small village.

On our flight to Israel, Heather and Toma surprised us with a Color War-style clue hunt that ended in us welcoming in our last-minute addition to the group: Matt Drooker! With a new group member and a new appreciation for Jewish life, we celebrated our first Shabbat in our Jerusalem hotel as we chanted the same prayers that you all are singing right now. We hope you all are enjoying your time at camp as much as we are in the holy land. As our tour guide said, “one person’s choices can always make a difference.” We challenge you all to carry this advice into your first week of camp as you embody the Jewish spirit and Micah philosophy.

See you all in 5 weeks!


Sophie “unicorn” Shnayderman, Emmy “beta fish” Adler, Sarah “Dory (the fish)” Schwartz, Liv “parrot” Syat & Gefen “deer” Finn

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