We finally landed in the oddly familiar land of our people after a short, as well as lively, flight from Poland. The minute we arrived, we began to prepare for our first Shabbat in Israel. We circled up in our sharpest Shabbat attire and lit candles and sang as we spoke of what Shabbat meant to us this very week. Excitement was tangible in the hot air as the orange sunset shined on the golden domes of the old city. We spent the next day relaxing at the pool, playing flappy golf, and soaking in the sun. After Havdalah, we went to Ben Yehuda Street where we spent time eating, shopping, and embracing the unfamiliar Israeli culture that surrounded us. The next day, we went to the City of David and walked through water tunnels that were built 3,000 years ago. The week was also filled with a visit to the Kotel, packaging food at Pantry Packers, and a competitive scavenger hunt to explore and discover the Old City of Jerusalem. After visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, we were off to the Negev. We spent the next two days hiking up and down magnificent mountains and plateaus of sand and chalk, meeting new ibex friends and sleeping under the countless stars. Solidifying as individuals and as a group, we relentlessly powered up to breathtaking views and later relaxed in cool, natural springs. We had an amazing time. We hope you are having the best summer and enjoying every moment.


Jared, Eric, Natalie, Charlotte and the rest of Micah in Israel

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