As has become a bit of a custom, I have two upper Summits who are helping to write the blog tonight.  Below is a recap of their day in their own words

Today was the ever anticipated first day of schedules for second session.  Some of the highlights today included: First period Edge Fitness where we were put through the grind by Kristyn.  She made us do a continuous circuit that went on for twenty minutes…who knew we could sweat so much.  Another favorite today was Improv where we learned and discussed important key rules that make improve possible. Finally, edge photo, skateboarding and street hockey round out our list of memorable memories for the day.

Tonight we had our first every Summit beach BBQ party at the waterfront.  The menu consisted of burgers, dogs, cole slaw and chips.  We were able to enjoy a leisurely dinner on the shores of Peabody pond.  We were also able to swim, play games, and just hang out with our bunks.  Today (like every other day here) was a great mix of activity and bonding.  In short, it was just another amazing day in another amazing summer!

Bayley and Nicole

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