Dear Parents and friends of Camp Micah


My computer has once again been hijacked by a group of Summits who are intent about letting you know what went on today.  From here on out, the words you read are not mine.

We woke up this morning to a song none of us can remember (Hey, Mark pick something we know tomorrow).  After a satisfying breakfast of “good ol’ flap jacks”, the men of Micah retired to perform a surgery in the woods (don’t worry, it’s a code and everyone has their medical license).  Upon successful completion of the surgery we all headed to our activities which included; Guitar/Music, Fiber Arts, Tennis, Fitness, Baseball, and a lot of everything else.

Today we hosted an inter-camp for U 11 Girls soccer.  After being down 2-1, Micah rallied for a 4-2 Victory.  But wait, that wasn’t the only inter-camp today.  Our U 15 boys headed to Camp Kohut to play basketball and once again we came back victorious with a 39-34 win!

Tonight after a dinner of Asian Cuisine  we all (as a camp) headed to Uncle Milts for our annual Talent Show.  It is always amazing to see how diverse our fellow campers are.  Some of the highlights included; Clarinet, gymnastics, singing, breakdancing, piano, and some just general awesomeness!

Well, that’s about it from us.  We are now going to let Monge back in his office since we have locked him out and did not write anything inappropriate.  Love to all, you Summit Boys.


Dan, Jake, Santiago, Isaac, Brad and Sam.

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