I am sitting here in my office with several Summits who wanted to help write the blog in their words. Keep in mind, I have limited control here

This morning we woke up to “Ain’t it Fun”, which sounds like the entire summer at Micah.  After a perfect pancake breakfast we retired to our cabins to make them tidy for inspection (some did better than others).

Once we got the cabins “cleaned”, we headed out to a day of fun filled activities.  Highlights included the waterfront, woodworking, tennis, Art, Basketball, theater… (Interject Steve) the reality is they are shouting everything at camp and it would take me the entire night to write their list.  Needless to say they love everything here.

After a lunch of Quesadillas, of which, many in this office claimed to have eaten over 20 we retired to the cabins to rest and digest.  Once rest hour was over we were able to squeeze in 4th period before we had to build an Arc for the downpour that occurred.  Don’t worry, we gathered as many animals as we could and put them in the dining hall.  Suddenly the rain clouds cleared, we forgot about the animals, we went to 6th period and the Sun and Kids shone again.

Tonight we had our Hoe down, throw down, show down, country style Fourth of July dinner on July 3rd.  The entrée consisted of Beef ribs and chicken wings with a side of cornbread and corn on the cob.  Country music filled the air and everyone was dressed for success!

Following dinner we broke into Units for evening activities.  Since we are Summits we are only going to explain what we did.  The Summit girls did some team building to get to know one another a little better, funny thing is we are already so close!  The Summit boys had an intense game of handball that came down to a World Cup Epic, Intense, Crazy, All on the line, sudden death shoot out.  Unfortunately, we are not going to say who won.  Wait, what?  Seriously, oh ok.  B-15 was the winner!

Signing off for now,


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