What an exciting few days it has been at Camp Micah!  Yesterday (Sunday), we welcomed parents and relatives of our first and full session campers for our Visiting Day.  Some of the highlights included a presentation of our first session play, Frozen, an amazing lunch, and the chance for parents to feel like a kid again by participating in a slew of activities (I’m sure there are a few sore bodies out there today).  It is always so fun to see the reaction on the faces of the campers and their parents as they hug for the first time in four weeks.  Oh, and parents, you kids were up all night from all of the candy and food that was brought in – Just kidding, I think they made it to bed by 4am.

Today started off with a late wake-up followed by our Micah Book of Records.  The book of records is a unique tradition that only occurs on Changeover day and is only for full session campers.  On this day campers are able to break or set new records.  It is hilarious to see  some of the ideas our campers come up with – proving once again how creative they are!

This afternoon we gathered to welcome our second session campers to Micah!  It was such a rush to see all of the smiles as they ran from the busses into the arms of friends (whether old or brand new).  Tonight we had our annual dinner of Pizza and cookies followed by the welcoming ceremony.  Currently they are having bunk meetings where they go over the rules and do some get to know you games.

It’s hard to believe that second session has started!  Where has the summer gone?

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