Well the last two days have been one for the record books in terms of heat.  With temps reaching the mid 90’s each day, we knew something had to be done.  The solution we came up with for yesterday was a Water World afternoon.  The camp was split into three groups who each got to rotate between sprinklers, the pool, and the waterfront.  Everyone had a blast as well as a much needed relief from the oppressive heat.

Yesterday also marked the first overnight trip of the summer as our 8th graders left after lunch to camp in the White Mountains, and today they canoed 11 miles down the Saco River.  It was a great trip, though a little tiring (I should know because I went).  Everyone had an amazing time and made it safely home.  There was a little bit of weather but nothing our amazing hiking staff couldn’t handle!

For the rest of the camp, today was Trip Day.  The Critters and Prowlers took on Big Adventure, while the lower Timbers went bowling and had ice cream.  Our Summits took to the beach for a little R &R.

While the forecast for the next few days looks a bit dreary, there is no need to worry.  We have some amazing activities planned in case the rain falls.

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