These past two days have been absolutely incredible. After hiking in the upper Galilee yesterday, we arrived at a beautiful waterfall and natural pool. We swam in the pool, under the waterfall, and even jumped from rocks through the falls. Today, we went on a relaxing water hike and swam in a clear, blue river. Everyone was jumping and splashing around in good spirits.

Our visit of an IDF base on the Lebanon border yesterday was super interesting and exciting. We learned about the soldiers’ jobs on the border, and got to meet and hang out with two different platoons. Today, we had the choice of either rappelling or zip lining down a huge cliff- it was thrilling and beautiful. Tonight we tapped into our creative sides and carved our very own mezuzahs out of wood. The North is treating us well! Everyone is having such a great time and soaking up the last week or so of our Israel experience. Tomorrow, we head to a chocolate factory to make some delicious treats and get to swim again in a natural pool. We are loving it.


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