Shabbat Shalom Camp Micah!!


We have just arrived toIsraeltoday and could not be more excited to be in our new “home”. After four difficult yet enlightening days spent in Poland learning about the holocaust and being faced with the harsh history, coming to a place where we can be so proud and  welcomed to be Jewish has taken on a whole new meaning. We started off our travels here inIsraelwith a late night arrival to our hotel in a village outside ofJerusalem, and were all happy to climb into bed. Feeling refreshed this morning, we hit the ground running and went to Ammunition Hill, the site of a battle during the 6 Days War, with preserved maze-like trenches that Toma suggested we played hide-and-go-seek in, and of course we did. After grabbing a quick lunch in a mall, we all relaxed at the hotel and got ready for our first Israeli Shabbat! We went to the old city ofJerusalemwhere we held our own services led by Haley, Mia, and Elizabeth, using ourCampMicahsiddur! We got to see the Western Wall and all kinds of people, feeling like a part of the community. We ended a great first day here with a lively Shabbat dinner, and are excited to see what comes next! We send our love to all and hope that you are all having just as great of a time at home as we are inIsrael!




Haley and Kayla

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