Last night out Summits returned from their respective trips.  The Upper Summits spent 3 days and two nights in Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, ME.  It was a great trip and the campers had a blast.  Some of the highlights included seeing “The Great Maine Lumber Jack Show”, a show that demonstrates all of the skills of traditional and modern lumberjacking.  As in true Micah fashion our campers exhibited a lot of spirit that infected the entire crowd.  The next day we (and I say we because I went on the trip) woke up to rain but that didn’t deter us from doing some Sea Kayaking where we saw seals, bald eagles, starfish, and a whole slew of other wildlife.  We concluded the day with a trip through Acadia National Park and a stop at Thunder Hole, a true work of natures art.  The last day was spent having a late wake-up followed by Breakfast in Bar Harbor that included a bit of shopping.

Not to be left out, out 9th graders went on a 2 day whitewater rafting trip through Moxie Outdoor Adventures along the Kennebec  River.  Day one was spent doing a little bit of Kayaking followed by some outdoor games and swimming.  Dinner that night was a choice of steak, chicken, or Veggie burgers.  Needlees to say, they all thought the food was amazing.  Day two brought out the adventures in everyone with some whitewater rafting.  The campers screamed with excitement as they tackled some class 2 and 3 rapids.  There were several stops for swimming and lunch.  I’m also pretty sure the entire 9th grade wore a moxie shirt this morning.

Tonight was our first session play, Frozen.  It was such a pleasure to see our campers perform after all of the hard work they had put in.  Each one of them was amazing and we may have a few budding broadway stars on our hands.  I also have to give a big round of applause to Alex Brodsky and the entire drama staff.  They turned a movie that had never been done as a play into a play.  They spent tireless hours making sure our campers had everything they needed.  Congrats to all and we hope you will come and see the performance on Visiting day.

It’s hard to believe first session is almost over.  It has gone way to fast but it has also been way too much fun (I can’t believe I get to do this for a living).  We look forward to seeing many of you on Sunday for Visiting Day!

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