Hi friends,

Our first week in Israel was amazing! We toured the Old City of Jerusalem, traveled south to Eilat, became one with the desert, and recently arrived in Tel Aviv!
We spent last Saturday relaxing in our beautiful hotel playing card games, splashing in the pool, and enjoying the water slide together. On Sunday we adventured through the underground water tunnels of the City of David. We sang songs and enjoyed each others’ company. And guess what?! That night at the Western Wall, we saw Mariah Carey! We then toured the Jewish and Christian Quarters of the old city.
Tuesday we woke up bright and early for a short hike, then traveled to the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea. If you ever wanna see 16 year old boys scream in pain like little girls, go on the Micah in Israel trip. Over the next day we went to an eco friendly kibbutz, snorkeled in the Red Sea (where we could see Jordan), went to a museum honoring astronaut Ilan Ramon, and drove to the Negev Desert, our home for the past three days.
Rather describing it, the only thing we can tell you is to live for now. In the desert, as we were surrounded by miles and miles of endless cliffs and sand, time simply did not exist. Mountain climbing, peeing in the sand, and hours of heat brought out the best and worst of everyone. We worked together and somehow survived!
Sent with love,
Bayley Tuch, Shmuel (aka Sam Marram), the entire Micah in Israel trip 2015, and Mariah Carey.
P.S. Mom, Dad, and Lexi, I miss and love you guys so much (from Bay).
I love Brent Huot (from Sam)
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