Hello everyone from greater Bridgton and Sebago! Special guest blogger Alex Brodsky here tonight. Today was a great start to another great week at Camp Micah. The weather was absolutely beautiful (not too hot, not too rainy, finally!) and we had a day jam packed with activities. I had some fantastic improv classes and all of the Frozen rehearsals are going really well; this is coming together to be an amazing show. Activities across the rest of camp looked like so much fun. I’m jealous of the campers that I can’t go do them all. After the sun went down and we were finished with dinner, we had Unit Night evening activities; I wish I hadn’t gone all in on my Blackjack hand at the summit boys casino!

In addition to all regularly scheduled camp activities, we had some campers leave for the day. We had a U 15 girls soccer team compete at Nashoba North, making it all the way to the semi finals (Sports!). We also had the biggest hike of the summer so far, a 10 mile walk up the North South Baldface (Count me out.). Campers came back exhausted, but saying they loved every minute. That’s about all for now, free time just ended and I have to go back to my cabin and hang out with my campers! Peace out, internet people!

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