Shabbat Shalom Camp Micah from the beautiful city of Tsfat!

On Sunday, we went to the beach, which was really hot.
At Save a Child’s Heart, we met kids waiting for or recovering from heart surgery whom we loved a lot.
At night, we met an old MII tour guide, Natania, and rocked the dance floor, or at least that’s what we thought.

On Monday, Benja, Jack, Justin, Daniel and Lindsay broke the world record for the most envelopes sealed at a food bank organization.
Later in the day, we took a tour of graffiti in Tel Aviv, a beautiful creation.
We made sure to wear sunscreen to protect from UV radiation.
We made sure to drink to keep up with our hydration.
At night we completed solving puzzles, where Borgi and Ben led their teams to domination.

On Tuesday, we went to a deaf museum where we used noise canceling headphones so we couldn’t hear at all.

On Wednesday, we went rafting, made a megaboat, and chanted “HaSheesh!”
Later we hiked to a pool where we swam with fish.
At night we dyed, and our inner artists we did unleash.

On Thursday, we visited soldiers on the Syrian border and showed them our generosity.
At an escape room, the guys crushed the course record while the girls won in sportsmanship and spirit and embodied the Micah philosophy.
In the afternoon, Chloe, Daniel, Charlie, Borgi, Hannah M, and Lila bought an inflatable raft which was attached by Adam and Twabby with great ferocity.
Plus the guys learned you could pull off a speaker prank in Israel, which, for Maddy, Izzy, and Chloe was a huge monstrosity.

On Friday, we rode bikes to raise money for SACH, and Daniel, Jack, and Twabby learned to ride with no regrets.
We braided Challah for Shabbat which tasted as good as it gets.
We celebrated Shabbat with singing and dancing and orthodox Jews, where there were no frets.
We hope you all had a great first session and remember, lets go Mets.

Maddy T, Daniel R, Jack H, Chloe M, Adam J, and Charlie M

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