Greetings Camp Micah!
After yet another week of exhilaration, recreation, and Israeli education, we believe that we have found spiritual emancipation. We began our holy week with internal contemplation, hanging out in Tsfat with the #orthodoxnation. The boys went into a 500 year old Mikvah with no reservation, while the girls enjoyed an afternoon of deep meditation. Next we got ready for Shabbas great anticipation; we joined an orthodox service on a roof top and sang with full participation. The next day we rested, as God did after creation, and held morning services on a hill top to start the day with an exclamation. Then we ended Shabbat with a pretty jamming havdallah celebration! On Sunday we met IDF soldiers who taught us about Israel’s foreign administration; staring at the Lebanese border was quite a revelation. On Monday we biked for the Save A Child’s Heart organization, raising money to fund for heart operations. For some this bike ride caused much frustration. On Tuesday we hiked to a waterfall filled with water from cloud condensation. On Wednesday we rode a cable car up a mountain and zip lined down in much elation, and then at night we went on a musical boat cruise that had superb flotation. On Thursday we made pita bread and wine at a 2000 year old Talmudic village simulation, and hiked through a river, which was quite an exploration. bad Alexa had to miss out because of her hand inflammation…we wish you could all be here, but you’ll just have to use your imaginations. See you soon, Shabbat shalom, love Noah Stanton, Isaac Appel, Joel Linkewer and the rest of Micah in Israel, peace and salutation.
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