A beautiful buffet breakfast at our hotel and four cups of hot chocolate later, we hauled ourselves onto the bus and drove to the town of Lodz. We visited the ghetto and the railway station where thousands of Jews were sent off to Auschwitz. We were able to stand in one of the railway cars that they were forced into, making it a little bit easier to identify with what they had to go through. After our visit to Lodz, we went into a mall to hunt for food. That hunt soon turned into a desperate quest for something to eat, but in the end we finally realized that the food court was conveniently hidden in the corner of the mall. We continued on to the Chelmo death camp, which resulted in very few survivors since it was one of the first of its kind. That fact made it a more personal experience because we got to stand on the site where tens of thousands of Jews were brutally murdered. We then got to hear from one of the Righteous of the Nation, a woman whose whole family hid numerous Jews during the Holocaust, saving their lives. After a long day, we were able to spend some free time in the middle of Warsaw, one of the most beautiful parts of Poland.


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