When your camp director has his birthday, doesn’t everyone celebrate by participating in a live, action-packed game show?  This year for Mark’s birthday, Hollyrock Entertainment joined us to help make this year a memorable one!  After enjoying a “Game Show” themed dinner with some of Mark’s favorite foods followed by a rousing rendition of HAPPY BIRTHDAY, the entire camp headed down to Uncle Milt’s for the highly anticipated evening activity…but not before the CITs tricked the campers with a fake Color War Break!

After the excitement died down and the kids realized that it wasn’t in fact the start of first session Color War, campers and counselors were split into two teams and participated in a series of mental and physical challenges ranging from trivia questions to the most intense battle of Simon Says we have ever seen!  The enthusiasm coming from both teams was so infectious that their cheers and chants could be heard for miles!

Today, Micah hosted it’s annual 3v3 Basketball Tournament. Camps came from all over the area to battle on the courts. Our 12U girls team and 15U girls team both took home a first place trophy in their divisions. The entire camp was there for the finals and cheered the teams onto victory.

Today was also our annual visit to Seeds of Peace! G14 and most of the B15ers got the chance to visit a camp that develops international leaders who come from areas of conflict. The camp fosters cultural discussion and has children of similar lines of conflict live together, work together, and discuss key issues. Our Micah campers got to socialize with them and play both soccer and basketball on their Sports Day. They each came away with some new songs and cheers and a once in a lifetime experience!

Shabbat Shalom!

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