As we approach the halfway mark of our journey into the holy land, we would like to share some updates from the previous week of our trip, as we traveled from the bottom to top of the country. We started at Israel’s southernmost point of Eilat where we had fun snorkeling and tubing in the Red Sea. We visited an Alpaca farm where we learned about their sheer stupidity and witnessed first hand their love of spitting on tourists. Continuing northwards, we returned to Jerusalem to begin our intense day of army training. We formed hets, ate canned tuna rations, and slept under the stars… even if it was only for a couple minutes. This experience taught us to appreciate what we have, the responsibility of the soldiers that protect us and our country every day, and that most of us could not survive in the IDF. We then made the tiring journey up to the north of Israel where we discovered the ancient city of Akko and sea grottoes on the Lebanese border. Our week ended in the historic city of Zefat where we had a meaningful Kabbalat Shabbat in a local orthodox synagogue. This week has been both exhausting and rewarding and only makes us look forward even more to the second half of our summer in Israel!

Yours truly,

Max “Team Player” G. & Max “Rich Minion” B.

P.S. Don’t touch rusty nails.



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