We are headed to the Negev for 3 days! Here’s a short poem to summarize the week:


We started the day by meeting with soldiers

Went on a beautiful hike, surrounded by boulders

As we walked through a winding river

The water was chilly, it made us shiver!

Through the mountains was a scenic bike ride

Wearing the Save a Child’s Heart logo with pride

The next day was an early rise

But the views on the cliff hike were such a prize

Next we swam in the sea of Galilee

Followed by a visit to a local chocolate factory

The Golan Heights had beautiful landscapes

We stomped with our feet on many grapes

We made juice, and pita too

Then had a nighttime boat ride, on water so blue

We visited two borders and planted a tree

The Negev is coming.. So much to see!!




Sarah and Mike

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